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Houston’s new tasting tavern experience – Now Open on Long Point!

We offer Houston’s first self-serve full bar with from-scratch, chef-driven food in a fun and casual setting. That gives you the power to take control of your experience each time you come in — you’ll get everything you love about going out with none of the hassle. Come in and see for yourself!

How It Works

Imagine a bar without the bar counter: you help yourself, rather than wait for a server or bartender to get your drink. At Shoot The Moon, you simply check in with a team member to have your age verified and your tab opened; then we hand you an access card that serves as your pass to choose from over 80 selections of beer, wine, cocktails and liquor. When you’re done, you can opt to check out with a team member or simply drop your access card in one of our drop boxes and we’ll take care of the rest!

Prices will vary, but tastes start at 25 cents, full pours start at $3.50. Everything is charged by the ounce, so you only pay for what you pour. You can choose to pour several different tastes or have a full pint, wine glass or cocktail. Non-alcoholic sodas and regular mixers are available free of charge.

Don’t worry, self-service doesn’t mean “no service.” Our staff is happy to help while social distancing. You’ll always find a friendly tap-tender at the wall who’ll help you use the system or answer any questions you might have about our offerings.

We have more than 80 beverages to choose from. Take your pick from our impressive variety of craft beer, cider, wine, cocktails and spirits — all on draft — or straight-from-the-bottle wines (red, white, rose and sparkling). You can get higher-end mixers and sodas, such as Mexican Coke, Topo Chico, Fever-Tree tonics and the like from our vending machine. We’ll also have draft small batch coffee and tea — all via your access card.

We offer an awesome selection of pizzas, small plates and entrees, including tasty twists on classics that fit Whole30, keto, paleo and gluten-free lifestyles. Find more delicious details on our food page.

Yes, it really is! As it turns out, self-service has never been illegal in Texas, the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission had previously interpreted the code in a way that made it impossible to offer self-serve alcohol in Texas. The good news: that changed in early 2019 with a new interpretation of the code. That’s what inspired Shoot The Moon! And don’t worry, our system and our staff will monitor consumption to prevent over-serving.

Plus, if you like to go out for drinks but prefer no one else handle your open bottle or drink, you’ll appreciate that our self-service system offers a completely closed loop. You are the only person to ever touch your drink, whether it’s a beer, wine, spirt or cocktail. This was our intention all along, but given the guidelines on COVID-19, we'll provide single-use gloves and sanitizing wipes for guests and have staff on hand to frequently clean the tap wall touchpoints.

We are introducing a new way to pay. We’re moving away from traditional tipping so we can take better care of our employees. Read more.