Get to know Shoot The Moon’s self-pour tap system

Tired of waiting for a server or bartender to make your next drink? Especially when the drink you desire sits just out of your reach? We hear ya — and Shoot The Moon has the solution! We’ve eliminated the bar counter, so instead of waiting on a server or bartender to get your drink you can simply help yourself. Here’s how it works:

  1. Check in with a team member, show IDs, and open your tab.
  2. We hand you an access card that functions as your pass to over 80 selections of beer, wine, cocktails and liquor.
  3. Place the access card on or in the reader to unlock the tap system and serve yourself (and repeat at your leisure).
    Single-use gloves and sanitizing wipes provided, in addition to frequent cleaning of tap wall touchpoints by staff tap-tender.
  4. When you’re done, check out with a team member or just drop your access card in one of the drop boxes and we will take care of the rest.

Pour several 1-oz. tastes or a full pint, wine glass or cocktail glass. We give you the power to decide exactly how much you want to pour yourself (hourly consumption limits apply, per TABC).

Pour several 1-oz. tastes or a full pint, wine glass or cocktail glass. We give you the power to decide exactly how much you want to pour yourself (hourly consumption limits apply, per TABC).


We use a system called Pour My Beer, the leader in self-pour technology. The PMB system is accurate to 1/10 an ounce, so you can be confident that you’ll only pay for what you pour yourself.

Discover your favorites from our incredible drink selection

Shoot The Moon has an amazing draft system designed for regular folks who aren’t pro bartenders (but are verified to be over 21, of course). From our tap system you can pour yourself local and national craft beer, ciders, house red and white wines, house spirits (bourbon, vodka, rum, gin, tequila) or house made cocktails (old fashioned, margarita, cosmo, etc.). You’ll find non-alcoholic options such as locally roasted craft coffee and fresh-brewed tea as well.

Beers On Tap

Beer lovers will relish Shoot The Moon’s selection of craft beer and ciders. You can expect brands, such as Saint Arnold, Sierra Nevada, Eureka Heights, Brash, Lone Pint, Bavik, North Coast, Stone, Cascade and many, many others. And yes, we’ll even have some Texas classics from Shiner and Lone Star.

Wine and sprits straight from the bottle

Thanks to new technology it’s possible to pour wine straight from the bottle, by the ounce as fresh as if it were being poured tableside. Same goes for pouring spirits.

At Shoot The Moon, you can expect an eclectic list of European and American wines. Half of our spirits will be top-shelf offerings of the five standard house spirits being poured on draft, while the other half will be a rotating list of American whiskey. We will strive to have at least one more exclusive bottle of wine available for at-cost pricing so you can try something by the ounce that you would normally never see sold by the glass. We’ll do a similar program for spirits, too.

We plan to offer 20 wines and 8 spirits straight from the bottle, with a nice selection for whiskey lovers. Plus, we’ll have our house white and house red on tap. Wines will come in 1-oz. tastes, 2.5-oz. half glasses and 5-oz. glasses. Spirits will be offered in .25-oz. tastes, 1.5-oz. shots and 3-oz. doubles.

Cocktails Anyone?

Enjoy craft cocktails on tap or create your own just the way you like it. At Shoot The Moon, we’ll feature five cocktails on tap, including classics and our house originals – all made from preferred spirits, scratch syrups and the best quality juices possible. Our goal is to deliver top quality cocktails on draft.

Prefer to mix your own? Use our cocktail-grade ice machine, located in the tap wall, so you can enjoy the same ice that the best cocktail bars in the world use. Pour yourself a shot or a double, then top with your choice of the complimentary mixers at the soda station or select something nicer from our nifty vending machine. Click here to get cocktail recipes.