Savor Shoot The Moon’s from-scratch menu with the convenience of counter service

Chef Dax McAnear brings his years of innovative, fine dining experience to Shoot The Moon’s laid-back neighborhood kitchen. Our entire menu employs from-scratch techniques to offer you an affordable, yet deliciously balanced menu. (We’ve used these great stock photos here to represent what we plan to serve. We’ll put up even better photos of our actual menu offerings once we open.)

At Shoot the Moon, we want you to always find something you love.

We’re big fans of pizza, and we know everyone has their thing. That’s why we offer three different crust styles plus a gluten-free/Paleo crust. Got a fave or sudden crave? Build your own with any combo of our toppings. For the little ones or anyone who likes to keep their pizza simple: just say “cheese!”

Find new favorites among Shoot The Moon’s specialty pizzas, such as the Taco Pizza, topped with zesty beef, black beans, taco sauce, black olives and a chipotle cream, or even the Frito Pie Pie! In a more traditional mood? Go for the Meat Lovers, or go Veggie. Make it a Margarita or mix it up with the Mediterranean Chicken. Feeling exotic? Try the Deep Dark Mushroom or the Dr. Strangelove, featuring a white sauce with pineapple, bacon, green olives!

We know you can’t live off only pizza alone – though we’ll keep testing that theory! Our menu also features creative takes on classic fare. We’ve created healthy, tasty choices that suit Whole30, keto, paleo and gluten-free lifestyles. We’ve considered the little ones, too: expect kid-friendly pizzas, chicken tenders, mac and cheese and more!

Specialty Pizzas

Artichoke Veggie
Deep Dark Mushroom
Dr. Strangelove
Frito Pie Pie
Meat Lovers
Mediterranean Chicken
Taco Pizza
The First Date


House-made pimento cheese stuffed mushrooms
Buffalo crab legs
A selection of chicken wings
Fried cheese curds
Baked sweet potato tots with spicy mayo
Roasted Brussels sprouts
Paleo zucchini chips

Large Plates

Salisbury steak
Baked mac and cheese
Whole30 sweet-and-spicy baked chicken thighs
Keto shrimp and grits with uncured sausage and cauliflower “grits”