A New Way To Pay

A new pay option that delivers income stability to our staff

At Shoot The Moon, you won’t have to calculate a tip, because we’re using a service-fee payment model. This is similar to a service fee added to a grocery or takeout delivery, but in our case the majority of the fee goes to our staff’s paychecks, not to the rest of the business. With this concept, each tab will be charged a standard 18% service fee*, so you won’t be expected to leave a tip.

A portion of the service fee will help offset credit card fees charged in the collection of the service fee itself, but its primary purpose is to supplement compensation for our employees by providing more income stability and equality than traditional tipping models. The fee functions much like a tip pool, but will support all employees, kitchen staff, bussers and front-of-house/floor staff. Our goal is to give all of our employees a steady and fair wage, which we believe will help us attract and keep high quality staff long-term, and help maintain the quality experience you expect.

When you authorize the credit card or pay out in cash, we’ll remind you that we are a tip-less establishment and that a 18% service fee* is already included, so there’s no need to tip, but you certainly can if you wish. Also, when you open your tab at Shoot The Moon, you’ll have the option to keep your tab open or set a balance – any unused balance can be used like a gift card on a future visit or refunded to you when you check out.

*By Texas law, customers may choose to waive the fee.

Check in

  • Step up to the register, and order food, if desired.
  • Show IDs and open your tab.
  • Choose to set specific amount or leave tab open.
  • Acknowledge service fee and receive tap card.

Check out

  • Simply drop your access card in the drop box and your tab will be closed out at the end of night.
  • Or, keep your card to retain any unused balance on the card and use it like a gift card on a future visit.
  • Paying cash? Speak to a team member or return to the counter to pay out.